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              Daily Charging


              Treat with caution any new charging method and battery condition not referred to in this specification.
              * A proper charging method is necessary for safety, and obtaining full performance.

              Do not charge the batteries in a place where there is direct sunshine.
              * The temperature may be abnormally high, and the batteries could be overcharged.

              Do not charge the batteries near a heater or where heat accumulation may occur.

              Charge the batteries for the time noted in the specifications, or until the charge indication lamp shows the end of charge.
              * If the batteries are not charged sufficiently, their life may be shortened.

              Avoid charging fully charged batteries frequently to avoid shortening battery life.

              Do not continue to charge the batteries over 24 hours in cyclic operation.

              Avoid parallel charging in cyclic operations.
              * Parallel charging in cyclic applications may shorten the service
              life of the batteries, by causing imbalances in charging /discharging of the batteries connected in parallel.