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              Installation and Connection


              When the batteries are located near a heat generating device, the temperature of the batteries is raised resulting in short life and /or so called “thermal runaway”.

              “Thermal runaway” is a phenomena that can occur when the batteries are charged at high constant voltage and /or at high temperature. The charging current gradually becomes large resulting in large amount of heat generating, and finally the batteries are destroyed by this heat generation.


              Do not locate the batteries near a device that may cause sparks (such as a switch and a fuse). And do not bring fire close to the batteries.
              The batteries may generate inflammable gas when they are charged excessively, and a spark could explode this gas.


              In applications requiring more than one battery, first make proper mutual connections between batteries, and then connect the battery strings with the charger or the load. Be careful to connect the + pole of the batteries to + terminals of either the charger or the load.

              If the polarity of the batteries, the charger and the load are not connected properly, explosion, fire and /or destruction of the equipment may occur. And, in some cases can cause injury to personnel.


              Provide enough insulation about lead wires between the batteries and the application.

              If this insulation is not enough, danger and /or damage due to heat generation arising from short circuits (or excess current), such as a burn, smoke or fire, may occur. And electric shock may occur.


              Pay attention to the high voltage when a large number lot of batteries are connected in series (This produces a high DC voltage).


              Do not bend the terminal tabs, and /or do not solder directly on them. Please consult our company when soldering cannot be avoided.


              Turn off the switch of the circuit when connections are made between the batteries and the charger and /or the load.


              Do not put the batteries into airtight containers. Exhaust slits must be provided when putting the batteries in a container, bag, or the like.

              The batteries tend to generate inflammable gas if they have excess charge, and this gas can cause explosions.