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              CPF Front Terminal Series

              1.0? Product Overview
              ?? Uses the AGM insulation board. There is no fluid electrolyte in the battery and it can be placed in many positions
              without leaking liquid.
              ?? The battery is maintenance free, and you never need to add water when it is used.
              ?? During normal usage, corrosive gas will not be generated.
              ?? With our special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy, the battery has a long life and a low self-discharge
              ?? Adopt ABS plastic crust; the class of preventing burning can reach to UL94V-O.
              ???Standby use life is 10 years.
              ???Before delivery, all products pass capacity testing to provide stable and reliable performance.
              ?? Due to strict manufacture techniques, pressure and capacity are of excellent consistency.
              ?? The production process is ISO9001 certified and the batteries are manufactured to pass UL specifications.
              2.0 Product Applications
              CPF series products are mainly used in communication systems.
              ?? Communications and electrical equipment
              ?? Emergency lighting equipment
              ?? Fire alarm and security systems
              ???Office computers, microcomputers and other office automation equipment
              ?? Robots, control equipment and other factory automation equipment
              ?? UPS power supplies
              ???Emergency power supplies in power generation plants and substations.