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              CPG Series

              1.0? Product Overview
              The colloid battery namely electrolyte liquid contains gaseous silicon dioxide, which shows a gel state characterized by no flow consistency, no leakage and no acid/ liquid dividing layer, make the polar plate perform consistently. In order to avoid the batter drying up at normal temperature or overcharging, prevent out of heat, the battery uses excess electrolyte. The battery can be put in multiple positions without fear of leakage.
              ?? Longer usage life of cycle and trickle.
              ?? Extremely low discharge rate by, if put the battery at 20 degrees centigrade for 2 years, its self-discharge rate
              will less than 40%.
              ?? Extremely good discharge recovery ability;
              ?? Gas compound efficiency higher than 99%;
              ?? Efficiently prevent out of heat.
              ???Adapt well in different temperature and charge and discharge conditions, and even in cases of improper use it? still has a long cycle and trickle life.
              2.0? Product Applications?
              The colloid battery can be used in all lead-acid battery applications, including ignition batteries. Especially in deep circulation use, long life fixed battery and solar stored energy system; the battery can play its advantage more.
              ?? Communication systems and computer labs
              ???Electric control systems
              ???Fire control and security systems
              ?? Urgent light systems
              ?? Incessant power systems
              ?? Measurement systems, the medical backup power systems
              ???Solar energy storage systems
              ?? Locomotive ignition systems
              ?? Electronic bicycles, motorcycles