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              Our company has developed intelligent automatic lead parts casting machine


              MTL-IASC intelligent automatic molding machine is suitable for automatic casting of lead parts (cross bridges and poles) required in the production of lead-acid batteries. Completely reinvented the most polluting production process in the battery assembly process, environmental protection, energy saving, no need for special personnel; the production process is fully automated, no manual intervention, only need to set production or working time, automatically stop after work; use full color touch screen control And humanized operation interface, the working time of each step can be flexibly set according to the actual situation, the operation is simple, the actual output and working process can be seen at any time; the multi-stage heating technology is adopted, and the lead furnace temperature is low, and no toxic lead vapor is generated. Low oxide, low pollution, low energy consumption, high lead utilization rate; using mold temperature control technology, the quality of lead parts produced is stable, good consistency and high efficiency; automatic returning machine automatically returns the lead of the mold back to the furnace at any time. Keep the production environment clean and maximize the use of raw materials; fully automatic alarm system and a number of safety protection measures to ensure safe and reliable production.